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You need software that both works right now and will be maintainable by your team for years to come, even though the business requirements will change. I can help you build that software.

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Over 15 years of software development experience


open source, personal projects, ACM ICPC

Freelancer Developer

various companies & technologies


application design, leadership, training, code review


employee onboarding & training, internal tools

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I maintain a VPS which I use to self-host a variety of services that I use: Joplin Server, Seafile, as well as for hosting websites that I develop. For the past few years, that VPS has been managed with Docker Compose, but recently I decided to build something a bit bigger.

For some reason, I've found that in my career a lot of the work I do ends up involving slow REPL loops: I make a change, run a command, wait for it to finish, and repeat. While I'm sitting there waiting, it's easy to be distracted by things, and I want my task to bring itself back to my attention when it's ready. This desire has led me on a multi-year quest to tailor my notifications perfectly, and in this post I'm going to share what I've come up with.

iTerm2 is a very powerful piece of software and includes a plugin system that allows you to write Python scripts that terminal programs can take advantage of. In this post, we're going to write two Python scripts for iTerm2: one to automatically switch to/from Dark Mode, and the second to play a sound on your local speakers when an escape sequence is printed, even over SSH. I'll also share a few bonus snippets that take advantage of some of iTerm2's lesser known features.

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