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You need software that both works right now and will be maintainable by your team for years to come, even though the business requirements will change. I can help you build that software.

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Over 15 years of software development experience


open source, personal projects, ACM ICPC

Software Developer

web development, systems design, team leadership


application design, leadership, training, code review


employee onboarding & training, internal tools

If you need an experienced software developer to help your organization scale up, let’s get in touch.
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CSS media queries are used to create responsive layouts. Conventional wisdom tells us that we should use relative font sizes to specify layout dimensions, because that improves accessibility, however this wisdom is outdated in the current browser landscape.

A reader of my blog recently sent me a question, and I'm going to answer them today. They wanted to get some guidance on using iTerm 2 to automate a MUD, which is basically a text-based MMORPG.

I maintain a VPS which I use to self-host a variety of services that I use: Joplin Server, Seafile, as well as for hosting websites that I develop. For the past few years, that VPS has been managed with Docker Compose, but recently I decided to build something a bit bigger.

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